Dare and hold it

Home has always been something "given" to me. A feeling someone else is holding for me, a place that is making me feel safe and comfortable. But at some point in my life I realized, that this is not the whole truth. Growing up (in a good way) means to be one's own shelter, one's own reliability. Home is becoming something you FOUND, not something you FIND. It is something you ARE, not something you HAVE.
I want to encourage people to set out from what they called to be their home, their safety, and dare to sail into the ocean of life. Who ever takes this courage will find that they have always had inside, what they thought to find somewhere out there.
featuring a sailors choir

Moved out long ago
Listened to the waves of freedom
Never sought a home
Settled down the road
Leading to my secret haven
Shelter to my boat

But something’s changed, something’s changed throughout the years
It’s in the way the seabirds cry
Something’s changed, something’s changed throughout the years
You knew, you’d lift the tie one day

You need to know, your love will grow
Your love will row your boat ashore
Within your core you’re founding home
Finding you are not alone

Set out, found home
Set out, found home
Set out, found home

And to a longing tune
Rising in a sailor’s song
A solemn call of hope
All memories I’ve known
Shift within a second’s turn
Reveal a moving view

The sails are set, the wind is whispering
Your dreams are calling you out
And the fear you feel can’t hold you anymore
Can’t hold you anymore


Bridge [sailor’s choir]
May day and night the wind be plenty in your sails,
May health and fortune always be around.
And through the sea your heart may gently lead your fate
Until your feet step back on solid ground.