This song is about transformation and outing. Way more than only in gender matters. Each of us is going through substantial changes in our lives, time after time moving on to new, unexplored identities. the emotional moment short before spreading one's new wings for the first time.
Written for three male voices
2nd and 3rd voice already set
Full music video concept available

All roads I travelled led up here
The point of truth is drawing near
Just one path left to follow
One final breath before
I’m taking these last steps outside this door.

A leap of faith precedes the fall
In deepest love once and for all
No courage left to borrow
All without you gotta cross
These few remaining doubts all on my own.

Kiss me goodbye before I go

Now I will no longer fear what I don’t know
Dear, will you hold me tight once more?

Cause from tonight it won’t ever be like BEFORE

These ropes once saved me, now they end
Please lay them down, I need your hand.
Can feel the tears you swallow
No, don’t pretend, I know
Some day you’ll understand right from the core.

Oh, let the silent spirits rise
To bridge the distance in your eyes
Despite all hurt, all sorrow
No matter where I go
My love’s gonna stay with you for evermore.

Kiss me goodbye…

Instrumental (Cello, Saxophone & Electronic guitar trio)

Kiss me goodbye…